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Plantation Hardwood Floors "Limited Edition" - Features and Colors

The Plantation Limited Edition (“PLE”) consists of a special collection of Plantation flooring products that are standardized around several valuable features, and offered at a fixed price..

1. Species available are solid walnut, hickory, and white oak.

2. Grade is rustic, also known as “character” grade

3. Dimensions are fixed at ¾ x 6 x 1-7’, end-matched

4. Surface is light hand-scraped and light hand-distressed (Oil finish – Sanded Smooth only)

5. Edge detail is small microbevel

6. Stain color palette is six colors of walnut, six of hickory, and six of white oak. In addition, white oak is offered in another four oil finish colors, for a grand total of 22 color/species choices.

7. The standard finish is four coats polyurethane satin #35, producing a thickness of 1.7-1.9 mils. Four of the white oak products offer a flat sheen oil finish.

To summarize, the Plantation Limited Edition flooring collection consists of SKU’s that are offered “as is” for a low, set price. But PLE also acts as a gateway to the more sophisticated and versatile Plantation Custom products by way of a simple upgrade menu from PLE.
Limited Edition

 Color Palettes
Limited Edition

Color Palettes
Limited Edition

White Oak
Color Palettes
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